My top four compositions from the clasical music registry

I really like to listen to classical music. It is music that entered deeply in my soul since I was a child, and although I love also other items from other genres, none manages to tell me more than this music “without words”.

It’s sad to see that the most viewed on youtube classical composition has just over 50 million views, while “epigones” this world managed to raise ten times more. But that says more about the era in which we live.

It’s very difficult to choose just five songs of my personal preferences, but I will do it with my soul, waiting for your personal reviews (I’d really be curious to know especially which ranks first in your tastes ).

Johann Strauss son – Blue Danube

This waltz, like all top compositions of this kind, remained in my mind since the first audition. It’s amazing how this piano sheets, interpreted in a magistral version manages to bring you into the world which it came from, an aristocratic world, surounded by Viennese palaces in which were organised tremendous balls. I am not a monarchist, on the contrary, but I have to appreciate one thing unequivocally: these “noble” may have their sins, but one thing is sure, in the matters of art they were having truly tastes.  But let’s not generalize…

Antonio Vivaldi – Seasons

Nobody could illustrate better the seasons in musical notes. Obviously, it is a personal opinion, but I’m sure many are my consent. I like very much all of them , but if I had to choose only one, my favorite remains “Winter”. Why winter? I can not explain in words, but through it from the early agreements, the genius of Vivaldi manages to snatch me simply from everyday life, no matter in what condition I would be.

Edvard Grieg- The morning

Morning is my favorite part of the day. Even if sleep is a sweeter addiction for me. I’ve always liked to admire the first rays of sun, as they light again to take possession of the land, as the birds start peeped and the plants glow in the light splash of dew. And when I look at all this, listening to this brilliant musical composition, I really feel that they live.

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart- Requiem

How else could wrap the genius Mozart his opera, if not by this musical gem? Although it was ready for someone else and although it was completed by Mozart, Requiem seems to include in its notes the tragic fate of the tumultuous life of “the prodigy child”,  who changed the face of classical music in the late eighteenth century.

Mozart died at 35, and in appreciation for his work unsurpassed even today, mankind has “rewarded” him with a burial “place” in a mass grave …